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Shantou University Business School officially obtained BGA membership

Post Time: 2019/5/29 0:00:00

       Recently, As received formal notice from Business Graduates Association (BGA), Shantou University Business School has officially obtained BGA membership.
       BGA is an international membership and quality assurance organization, founded in 1967, composed of leading business schools with great potential in the world. BGA focuses on increasing the impact of business schools on students and communities, playing a more important role in students' professional and personal growth, and fostering a new generation of leaders with a sense of social responsibility. In 1983, BGA established an accreditation project to build MBA into a brand to ensure that standards are maintained and renamed MBA Association (AMBA) in 1987.
       Joining BGA is an important measure for STU Business School to speed up the implementation of the school development strategy. It is also an important step to promote international professional accreditation. It is of great significance to promote the discipline construction, curriculum development, education quality, international exchange and cooperative research of our school, to improve the status and influences of our school at home and abroad, and to promote the curriculum development to the international level.
STU Business school again received EPAS Accreditation in 2018
     Prior to this, STU Business School has joined several mainstream international business education alliances, such as AAPBS, EFMD, PRME, AACSB and ABBS, and obtained EPAS Accreditation, fully integrated into the international business administration education network.