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STU International Students Visited GCU for Mobile Class

Post Time: 2017/5/22 0:00:00

From April 24th to 28th, 2017, led by Prof. Ako Doffou, Ms. Lynchie Lin and Ms. Cindy Xiao of Shantou University Business School, international exchange students of STUBS, together with an STU student, visited Guangzhou Collage of South China University of Technology (GCU) to participate in the 5-day mobile class.
In April 24th, we arrived in GCU that is in Guangzhou Huadu district. In the evening, GCU hosted a welcoming dinner to greeting us. During the banquet, GCU students welcomed STU teachers and students, and exchanged ideas of learning and living in different environments and the expectation for the next 3 days of mobile course.

In the morning of¬†April 25th , led¬†by¬†Ms. Jiang Yingying and Mr. Chen Yufeng of GCU,¬†we got the opportunity to visit UNIPRES GUANGZHOU CORPORATION. Thanks to the introduction¬†of the staffs, we got to know that the DONGFENG-NISSAN Car Company is the main customer of this company. Unipres' press technologies are on the vanguard of the era, paving the way to the future. Unipres is committed to raising its cutting-edge press technologies to an entirely new plane-transforming them into mass-production technologies that enable economical and stable production. In the Q&A session, Prof. Ako Doffou gave them some comments and suggestions for the supply chain and products about the company. After returning to the campus, the Beichen Youth Association organized a workshop of business simulation. We all joined into GCU students team and used what we have learned from textbook such as the principles of economics and the business communication skills to make our ‚Äúproducts‚ÄĚ and to participate in the auction session, tried our best to maximize the profit of the countries that we represented. In the conclusion part, Prof. Ako Doffou and STU students all gained impressive comments.
In the morning of April 26, Prof. Ako Doffou and STU students incorporated into the macro-economics with GCU students, and experienced the teaching style in different schools. Later, Professor Wu Liguang, Dean of GCU International Business school gave us academic lecture on the Guangzhou city's economic, social and cultural. In Q&A session, Prof. Wu answered us questions to the Guangzhou culture based on his personal experience.

On April 27th, we went to the downtown of Guangzhou Tianhe District. Accompanied by GCU students, we visited Guangzhou City Museum, the city Library, Guangzhou TV Tower and other buildings of interest. In the evening we also went through Pearl River for the night tour. Through one days of the Guangzhou city tour, Prof. Ako Doffou and international exchange students got the chance to touch Guangzhou’s beautiful scenery, well-known snacks and a thick canton culture, which allowed them to get a deeper understanding of China's vast land field and different cultural of living style.
In the morning on April 28, the mobile course was successfully completed. In this mobile course, through the enterprise visiting, the workshop of business simulation and the 3-day’s life on campus, which allowed STU teachers and students to learn more about the development in Guangzhou and the difference education between two cities in many aspects. At the same time, in the course of learning, STU students and GCU students have gained more mutual exchange and discussion with different cultural backgrounds.  Three-days of exchange study, also let the two school students develop a deep friendship.