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Introduction to Shantou University Business School

Shantou University was founded in 1981 with the approval of State Council of China, which is a university built by Ministry of Education, Guangdong Province and the Li Ka Shing Foundation, as well as the only public university consistently sponsored by private foundation, the Li Ka Shing Foundation in the world. Shantou University is committed to the student-centered reform in terms of university administration and talent training and plans to carry out the most forward-looking life science and technology courses in the world in order to cultivate talents with the motto, ¡°Aspiration, Knowledge, Perseverance, Achievement¡±. Since 2001, the university has conducted a profound internationalization-oriented reform. Through a series of visionary pedagogical reforms, it aims to offer a platform for the exploration of higher education reform in China, which was considered as ¡°the experimental plot of university reform in China¡± by Li lanqing. In 2012, Ministry of Education, Guangdong Province and the Li Ka Shing Foundation have decided to jointly build Shantou University and provide support to deepen its reform to make it a well-known high-level university in China as well as in the world.

Shantou University is located in the intersection of Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan provinces, with geographical advantages converging business administration education resources of the four places (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions). Shantou University Business School (STUBS) is one of the most important professional platforms to link university education and local need. The future development of STUBS is based on the background and demand of Chinese enterprises joining the global industrial division system, directly facing the eastward movement of industry in Pearl River Delta, the rapid rise of Economic Zone on the west side of the Strait and the joint opportunities, on the basis of which, the university attaches great importance to the construction of Business School. With support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, special funds for the reform and development of the school have achieved remarkable results. Since 2007, school has accelerated the implementation of international strategy, joining the Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS), the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), the United Nations¡¯ Principle for Responsible Management Education (PRME), the Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business School (AACSB) and the Association of BRICS Business Schools (ABBS) in succession, which lays the foundation for participating in global competition and cooperation and achieving?sustainable?development. In February 2012, Business School obtained the EPAS international accreditation for Business Administration Bachelor¡¯s degree programs. In February 2015, all bachelor¡¯s degree programs in BS obtained the EPAS international accreditation.

The mission of Shantou University Business School is: enterprising achievement, global mindset to develop an internationally recognized platform for business education and play a catalyst role in China¡¯s business education reform. The specific strategy goes as follows:

1. Overall Strategy: follow the internationalism of business administration education and development of medium-small companies of South China region. Combine the advanced western management theory with the success practice of local companies to form professional education resource. Construct the business administration education system of internationalism, localism, specialism and anthropomorphism. Establish the teaching experimental base with multiple courses of theory, skills and practice. Highlight the education specials of management theory, arts and practice. Educate the talents of business administration who have moral, ambition and ability. Through our continuous effort, the business administration major has won professional certificate from authorized organizations home and abroad. These majors are now playing as a model and offering beneficial experience to the reform and development of business administration education in China with their high quality education.

2. Talents Cultivating Strategy: implement educational idea of ¡°Being aspiring, knowledgeable, persevering and successful¡± which was put forward by the main donor of Shantou University and business leader Mr. Li Ka-shing. We focus on professional ethics education and humanistic quality education, cultivate middle and high level talented managers in small and medium sized enterprises who have noble professional ethics, global vision, local concern and master management theories and deeply know the art of management as well as be proficient in managing. The impressing professional image established by cultivating high-quality talents expands the social influence, which makes the graduate employment rate of Shantou University being in the forefront of the same kind of professional team.

3. Faculty building object: recruit excellent talents from both at home and abroad, build up a moderate scale, international and professional group of young and dynamic faculty. In the process of feature specialty construction, we improve the knowledge structure, degree structure, professional title structure and learning-origin structure, emphasize the cultivation of faculty¡¯s morality and continuous learning, focus on integration and enhance the faculty's teamwork ability and teaching innovation ability, applied research ability and self-developed ability, form a sustainable competitive advantage of the reform and development.

4. Curriculum system building goals: to build a curriculum system that is adaptable and has international reputations according to international standards and international practice. Based on the existing achievements of teaching reform, to reform and enrich courses as well as strengthen the link between the curriculum and curriculum modules according to demands of companies and students. To set up case library of Chinese merchants (Chaoshan merchants), students practice bases and entrepreneurial bases in order to promote the organic combination of theories teaching, skills teaching and practice teaching. To strengthen construction of experimental demonstration center and of digital resources as well as to constantly improve advanced teaching methods. To vigorously promote informatization of curriculum construction and informatization of teaching management to enhance the interactive teaching effect and increase teaching efficiency as well as management efficiency.

Shantou University Business School bravely reformed traditional education mode according to the trend of economic globalization and construction of Chinese market economy, which made the school rise and develop rapidly these years and attract more and more attentions of top candidates. The business school has achieved 100% recruit from the first choice during 2004 to 2015. The number of candidates that get high scores is increasing and the quality of candidates is improving. Graduates from the business school are welcomed by many institutions such as industrial and commercial enterprises, government agencies (civil servants) and financial institutions. In recent years, the number of graduates that were employed by famous enterprises like world top 500 and multinational companies is increasing. These famous enterprises include Cheung Kong, Hutchison Whampoa, China Telecom, Bank of China, HSBC, UBS, GF Securities, Ge, TCL, Samsung, Galanz, Midea, Watsons, Procter & Gamble, Johnson, PWC, DDT, Ernst & young, KPMG and other international well-known companies and accounting firms. The primary employment rate of graduates from the business school is above 95% and the final employment rate reaches 100%, which are far more than the national average. The vast majority of graduates work in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and other economically developed areas of the Pearl River Delta region and the average salaries increase significantly year after year.

The famous business leader Li Ka Shing is committed to the development of Shantou University Business School. He delivered speeches titled ¡°the art of making money¡±, ¡°the art of devotion¡± and ¡°the art of management¡± to the School¡¯s students. Till December, 2015, the school has organized 131 forums. Economic Forum invites celebrities of business world, government departments and academic world to communicate with the undergraduates. It has been broadly influencing the whole country, especially the eastern part of Guangdong province.

With care of government department and leaders and under support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, Shantou University Business School will always keep ¡°enterprising achievement, global mindset¡± as the motto, develop in reforms and make more contributions to the development of China¡¯s society and economy.